Froggy tha catThis iz my cat Froggy (dont ask why). He likes playing with most stuff, but nothing is better than food!

Gandalf the greyThis iz my other cat, Gandalf! Favourit toy: carpets, i put my hand under the carpet and he leaps at it (today he gave me a 2,5 cm wound on the same carpet u see on image above)! He is of course he likes when I pet him.

MirriThis is my third cat, Mirri! She sometimes does things like the image above. Catnip candy?-Yes plz (Froggy and Gandalf would say the same thing)! She often follows me wherever I go. She got 5 kittehs for a few years ago.

Gandalf again-What are u lookin´ for? u want me to get down? How bad!

FailBig fail. Could be a good photo, but it iznt (to me). Some fun always! Btw Froggy sometimes is a bit crazy (eternal mewing, weird jumps, chasing random thing and so much more).

BestMirriThis must be my best photo of Mirri!


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